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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Childhood Revisited

When I was growing up the writing instrument in our classrooms was a chalkboard. Those don't exist much in classrooms anymore because teachers have become allergic to chalk dust. That is very sad to me because as much as I enjoy a whiteboard, chalkboards are the BOMB DIGITY!
Another reason I love chalkboards is that when I was a kid, I dreamed of being a teacher who could use a chalkboard. I never did become a teacher but now I have my chalk board!
So to reconnect with my childhood, I made myself a chalkboard. I found some awesome paint by FolkArt that is "Chalkboard Paint" and I LOVE IT!!! (I try not to love inanimate objects but I have to love it...I just do!)
I had this paint for months without using it because I just couldn't find the right project to make. Then I pushed myself to focus on making something. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and found exactly what I wanted and it turned out PERFECT!!!
The chalkboard size is 11x14 and it is actually an Ampersand Gessoed Masonite Board! It is a type of canvas, great for painting...No, really! CANVAS! It is amazing stuff and perfect for this project.
The frame is just your basic wood frame for an 11x14 canvas. I used paper napkins and Mod Podge to decorate the frame. I didn't paint all those polka-dots...I am not that talented. The napkins worked out great! It gave lots texture and added that flair that I like.
See the flowers? I finally figured out how to make the paper rolled flowers. And I really enjoyed making them. The papers are from lots of paper packs, sorry for not having the exact names.
Here are some close ups:
 So there you have it...my childhood revisited. I have it hanging on my living room wall right now using it as a countdown calendar for my big test coming up at work. I so enjoy writing on a chalkboard and think it will be a well used addition to my house. One point of future addition: I will be making some sort of chalk holder and I have a terrific idea in mind. I just need to put it off until after the big test is done on July 12th.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my walk-down-memory-lane, and leave a comment so I know you came by!


P.S. In case you are wondering what the orange and purple thing is above the chalkboard, look below:
These are picture boards that I made are made out of back-stapled canvases from Michael's, orange polka-dot napkins, Mod Podge, purple ribbon, and buttons. I did poke holes through the canvas to attach some buttons with waxed-linen thread and Aleena's Clear Gel Tacky Glue for the other buttons. I haven't added any pictures to the boards yet but this is just day one of their existence. I will probably take those boards to work and put them on my desk to enjoy them there. We'll see how that works.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another "Welcome Home" Canvas

I find inspiration everywhere. I don't always know how to turn that inspiration into something real but this time I did. I have tried for a long time to make those paper rolled flowers but never was able to make any. Then I tried to make them again...and this time, IT WORKED!!! The flowers I originally made for this project ended up being too big so I used those on another project and made small ones for this project. 
My dear friend, Gina Maria Louisa Rita*, bought a house over a year ago and has on several occasions invited me to her house but things haven't worked out for me to get there. Then it came to my attention that I had not made a "house warming" present for Gina so I made this: 
The canvas is 8x8, or was it 10x10...can't remember now. The color is a combination of spray mists. The green is Maya Road Lime Metallic Mist mixed with Maya Road Pearl Metallic Mist. The blue is Ditto Glimmer Spray in a deep blue color (no name provided). Most of the papers for the flowers are from 6x6 paper packs that I have but don't remember who they are. I am so sorry for not knowing that. but they are all really cute paper. The letters are BasicGrey Dark Chocolate Chip Micro-Chip Stickers. One of the reasons the final version is so shinny is because I used a spray fixative as the final coat. Since Maya Road Mists are not waterproof, I thought it might help to have a fixative on it. 

 Before it was finished, I added some glitter glue to the center of the flowers. Honestly, if I did this again, I would not add the glitter glue. I didn't really like how it turned out. The green and purple glitter glue is from Studio G (Michael's Dollar bins) and the black is Black Diamond Stickles.
Gina's reaction was WONDERFUL! I actually love having her look at my crafts because she ALWAYS loves everything I make. It really gives me an ego boost when Gina reacts the way she does. She is also a hugger! She has the best hugs and they are so strong, I feel like my head could pop off at any second! :)
Gina said she will take picture of the canvas's when she puts them up so I will post on here when she does.

Enjoy and I will catch you later!


*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Though the first name is her real name. The rest I made up. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome Gnome...House Warming Gift

My best friend, whom I call "Chickadee", got married on May 19th. She is such a wonderful person and am so very thankful that God put her in my life. Mr. & Mrs. Chickadee also just bought a house so what I made for them should fit right in. 
Chickadee likes gnomes and I am sure these gnomes will like hanging on the wall in her new home. 
I used three 6x6 deep canvases from my local craft store. I believe the brand is Artist's Loft. 
I used an old Butterick clothing pattern and Mod Podge to prepare the canvas. Once dried, I painted the grass and sky. Before the paint dried, I wiped off as much of the thick paint as possible. I did this so that the pattern will show through the paint. 
Next, I used the "My Little Friend"clear stamp set from There She Goes stamp company. The clouds and sun were painted on with Golden Molding Paste mixed with paint.  

I plan on giving Mrs. Chickadee this home warming gift tomorrow. I am sure she will like it because she always tells me that she likes my crafts. She is such a supportive friend...
Enjoy and if you make something like this, please post a comments & picture. I would love to see what you make. 


P.S. on a side note, Emma 2 & Family might be moving into a house of their own in the next couple of months. Emma 2's mom (my sister) & her husband have found the house they want and put a bit on it today. We are praying that if this is the house the Lord wants them in, He will make it work out!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mixed Media Wall Art

I have really started to get into mixed media wall art. There is a lot of inspiration out there on the internet like this website and this website. Stephanie Ackerman and Christy Tomlison are very talented women and I have learned quite a bit from both of them.
That brings me to my most recent creation:

These wall art pieces are done on 12x12 painting canvas. I did not prepare the canvas in any unique way, just started Mod Podging old Butterick patterns on the canvas; then added a light layer of paint once the Mod Podge dried. The tree, flowers, and house are paper pieced on the canvas. The clouds and walkway on the cottage canvas are a mixture of paint and molding paste. SO MUCH FUN!!! I still have a few things to add to the cottage canvas so I will put a final picture up when I am done. 

Thanks for stopping by and watch for the next installment of Mixed Media Wall Art. :)

Emma 1


Here is the finished house canvas...Let me know what you think.
The photo isn't great but I think you get the idea. :)