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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Table and an apology

Hi Everyone (my one follower really...)
I am sorry I have been away so long. I have been busy doing all sorts of things like organizing my apartment, studying for a big test, making crafts, failing that big test, and making more crafts. Exciting stuff. If you were all here! 
I have some pictures for you. These pictures are of my new table project. My brother had a table from somewhere that is very sturdy and the perfect size for a small place. My mom has had it for the last couple of years and then finally gave it to me. I have been following a couple of blogs about home improvement type projects and was inspired! See HERE and HERE for some of my inspiration. These two ladies of the blog world are really talented! I am so thankful I stumbled on the blogs. 

This is what it looked like when I started. (see Frankie under the table? He is clean cut - looks like a little professor. What a cutie!)
This is what the table looked like after I "sanded" it. Most of the original top peeled off years ago so it has had a rough top for a while.

This was the first attempt at creating a top worthy of my craft table. I bought a pack of pattern paper at Michael's for ONE CENT...You read that right! One center, it was on deep discount. the paper was too thick and rather clumsy. I ended up pulling it off because it just wasn't going to work. 
Next idea was to paint it. So I used white paint and used about 3 layers to cover up the original top of the table. I knew that wouldn't be the final top but a nice base to do something else. After I let that dry for two days, I decided it was time to make a decision on what to do with the table. 
I have been collecting tissue paper of all kinds for a while and didn't know what to do with it so when I needed to cover up the paint, color tissue paper was the answer...Voila!
Yup. Lookin' good. 
But that wasn't the end of it. I wanted something else on top and this is what I did: 
Yes, a McCalls pattern!
After a five layers of Polyurethane, we come to this:
So there you have it. My new craft table. When I finally finish rearranging my living room to my liking, this will be my primary table for doing work. It is durable, big, and sturdy. For now, it will be a good place to put my stuff as I organize. Oh, the final note is that the plastic guard was originally a dingy, beat up black...now it is Sage by Krylon. Lookin' GOOD!

I enjoy these kinds of projects. I should do them more often. Too bad I live in a shoe box, there is no room for more furniture projects. 

Enjoy the picture and let me know what you think of my newest project. 
Emma #1


  1. OK, I tried leaving a message a moment ago and it tried making me sign up for a blog page. What gives? I'll try it this time, but if it doesn't work, don't be grumpy at me.
    I was going to say..."What pattern did you use??" Was it one that I would have enjoyed making for myself or someone else?? That pattern now won't have any more outfits to make. :( Did it really need to come to that??
    On second thought, I do like the table. I NEVER would have thought of that. :) Nice results!


    1. Yes, the pattern had to be sacrificed. I don't believe it was anything you would have made an outfit out of. It was a 70s style...I am sure you wouldn't like it. :)
      Thanks for the comment.
      Love ya sister dear.