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Monday, August 6, 2012

Emma 2 and Noel

My dear niece, Emma 2, has been coming up with all sorts of crafts for us to while I visit her for a week or so. Emma 2 and a friend from church, we'll call her "Noel", have come up with a flower that can be made easily and quickly. It is made out of construction paper and tape.
Emma 2 and Noel have been friends for a while now and both are budding artists. Emma 2 loves to paint, sew, and do general paper crafts like me. Noel likes to paint and do paper crafts as well. Emma 2 told me that she and Noel are starting a craft club and are currently saving up money to buy artist canvas to paint on. I think they hope for this club to become lucrative one day. I have high hopes for them.
Now on to the paper flower. I believe it is a tulip of sorts.
Per Emma 2's request, here are the step-by-step instructions for making the flower:
1) you will need two pieces on construction paper and tape. One piece of paper should be green for the stem.
2) Roll the green paper, starting on the long side of the paper. Tape the paper in place. Set aside.
3) Fold the other paper in half along the long edge. Then fold in 1/2 again to make a smaller rectangle.
4) Holding one of the corners of the small rectangle, roll along the long edge to form the flower. Then tape in place.
5) Place 2-3 pieces of rolled up tape (or use double sided tape) on the base of the flower. Place flower in the larger end of the rolled green paper.
Voila, you have a flower!
Make lots and place in a vase. Notice that some of Emma 2's flowers have cut edges, that is to add interest to the flower petals.
Emma 2 chose to make a vase out of a plastic bottle and construction paper.
 So there you have it. The first official project of Emma 2.