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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chair and organization

****This post was originally written over 3 weeks ago. When I wrote it, I still had my big, beautiful, comfy chair...covered by a sheet and hidden under a ton of stuff. I have since SOLD the chair!!!******

My apartment is small, about 450 square feet. 
I am a pack rat. 
Do I need to say more? 
So I am trying to downsize.  
In my quest for making my apartment more livable, I have decided to sell a few things. I had a yard sale in July that netted a whole $25...loser of a sale.
Part of my quest involves getting things to make my apartment a little less...well, better organized. 

The first step in organizing is my crafts: 
These colorful baskets were 69 cents each at GoodWill and a little bit of spray paint and voila!
The red basket was a little more expensive at 79 cents...
Though it looks like I am making small changes in my quest for organization, every little bit counts. 
So if you have some suggestions on how to organize a little better for SMALL spaces, let me know. I could use all I can get!

Emma #1

P.S. I have craft stuff for sale. Here's some pictures for ya. Let me know if you are interested in buying any thing. 

Table and an apology

Hi Everyone (my one follower really...)
I am sorry I have been away so long. I have been busy doing all sorts of things like organizing my apartment, studying for a big test, making crafts, failing that big test, and making more crafts. Exciting stuff. If you were all here! 
I have some pictures for you. These pictures are of my new table project. My brother had a table from somewhere that is very sturdy and the perfect size for a small place. My mom has had it for the last couple of years and then finally gave it to me. I have been following a couple of blogs about home improvement type projects and was inspired! See HERE and HERE for some of my inspiration. These two ladies of the blog world are really talented! I am so thankful I stumbled on the blogs. 

This is what it looked like when I started. (see Frankie under the table? He is clean cut - looks like a little professor. What a cutie!)
This is what the table looked like after I "sanded" it. Most of the original top peeled off years ago so it has had a rough top for a while.

This was the first attempt at creating a top worthy of my craft table. I bought a pack of pattern paper at Michael's for ONE CENT...You read that right! One center, it was on deep discount. the paper was too thick and rather clumsy. I ended up pulling it off because it just wasn't going to work. 
Next idea was to paint it. So I used white paint and used about 3 layers to cover up the original top of the table. I knew that wouldn't be the final top but a nice base to do something else. After I let that dry for two days, I decided it was time to make a decision on what to do with the table. 
I have been collecting tissue paper of all kinds for a while and didn't know what to do with it so when I needed to cover up the paint, color tissue paper was the answer...Voila!
Yup. Lookin' good. 
But that wasn't the end of it. I wanted something else on top and this is what I did: 
Yes, a McCalls pattern!
After a five layers of Polyurethane, we come to this:
So there you have it. My new craft table. When I finally finish rearranging my living room to my liking, this will be my primary table for doing work. It is durable, big, and sturdy. For now, it will be a good place to put my stuff as I organize. Oh, the final note is that the plastic guard was originally a dingy, beat up black...now it is Sage by Krylon. Lookin' GOOD!

I enjoy these kinds of projects. I should do them more often. Too bad I live in a shoe box, there is no room for more furniture projects. 

Enjoy the picture and let me know what you think of my newest project. 
Emma #1