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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chair and organization

****This post was originally written over 3 weeks ago. When I wrote it, I still had my big, beautiful, comfy chair...covered by a sheet and hidden under a ton of stuff. I have since SOLD the chair!!!******

My apartment is small, about 450 square feet. 
I am a pack rat. 
Do I need to say more? 
So I am trying to downsize.  
In my quest for making my apartment more livable, I have decided to sell a few things. I had a yard sale in July that netted a whole $25...loser of a sale.
Part of my quest involves getting things to make my apartment a little less...well, better organized. 

The first step in organizing is my crafts: 
These colorful baskets were 69 cents each at GoodWill and a little bit of spray paint and voila!
The red basket was a little more expensive at 79 cents...
Though it looks like I am making small changes in my quest for organization, every little bit counts. 
So if you have some suggestions on how to organize a little better for SMALL spaces, let me know. I could use all I can get!

Emma #1

P.S. I have craft stuff for sale. Here's some pictures for ya. Let me know if you are interested in buying any thing. 


  1. Nice organizing! I need to do that, too from time to time. I just tend to dump things in a bag, throw the bag in my craft cabinet and run as soon as I get the door shut. If I don't run, I might get a door swinging into me as all the stuff tumbles out. :)

    I can't shop at Good Will here. They are more expensive than the regular retail stores here!! It's horrible. Truly sad.


    1. Goodwill is suppose to be cheaper! If I can't shop at Good Will when I move to Texas, where am I suppose to buy stuff at a bargain?