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Monday, August 4, 2014

Gift Ideas...

So the other day I was sitting at Chipotle with my family, took a drink out of the cup, and had an epiphany: make a journal out of the cup!
This is how my mind works. I don't always understand it but I go with it when it happens.
So to further my craft making skills, I turned a cup into a journal:
 It may not look like much in a picture but I think it turned out great! The large cups from Chipotle are perfect for something like this because they have different sayings on them and they are rather entertaining.
The journals turn out to be 1/4 inch thick and I found that a total of 30 sheets of paper to make 60 pages (front and back) was just right. I sew the pages into the cup with waxed dental floss…mint flavor!
 Here a journal made out of a Starbucks cup and sleeve. I found the sleeve is a great addition. At first I was going to cut the sleeve open and glue it to the cup so it was permanent but in the end, it works great to keep the journal closed!
I have also made journals out of pint sized ice cream containers and a large ice cream container. The large ice cream container is actually a water color journal for a friend; the pages are made from watercolor paper.
I think this combines my creativity and use of items that would otherwise end up in the landfill…SCORE!
If you decide to make a journal or two, post a picture in comments.
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